lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Let's start again...without stopping!

I bet anyone would contradict me when I say that starting is never easy.

Not when you change jobs, nor when you move to another city; not when changing life, nor when a love story ends  ... and even when [like here] you change the blog.

In recent days you have surely noticed, or have certainly 
read on Twitter or  Facebook page that a new domain was born"Viaggi & Delizie" is what you are reading right now!

The satisfaction
the blog is giving me is really something special: describing my travels, sharing my experiences with other people who have the same interests, exchanging tips with other travellers and having friends encouraging and supporting me is a real gift.

I am now at the beginning of this new adventure and I want to thank those who continue to encourage me, friends who agreed to help me out and those who read me every day.
I also thank those who did not believe as strongly as me to the blog project and considered it a nonsense. It is thanks to this too that things are moving forward and I feel more secure.

And as I wrote on the Facebook page .... there will soon be the official "opening", a special one. Be careful not to miss it!

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