martedì 22 ottobre 2013

Where to eat in... Saluzzo

One late September Sunday, we decided to go out for lunch.

And roaming on where to go I found a very nice place not far from home, in Saluzzo: Terra Gemella (Twin Earth).

The restaurant is located in a small square behind the new Town Hall, at the foot of the medieval village. 
It's located in a square with two churches, including the one of the old seminary, unfortunately not in very good condition.

The restaurant is very nice and  intimate, due to the limited number of tables that provides a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
The wall where 
wine bottles are exposed is very nice, equipped with shelves made ​​in old barrels.

The decor too is cozy with a few pieces in old style wood furniture.

To access the kitchen there's a tiny door with a curtain beyond which you can see a tiled kitchens very similar to the ones our grandmothers used to have.

The service is attentive and nice, the owner who serves in the restaurant and the wife who prepares in the kitchen make you feel very at ease .The choice of wines is remarkable and I recommend a visit to this place even just for a drink : a glass of wine is usually accompanied by a mixed platter of ham, sausages and cheeses .
During our meal we choose a rosé Pelaverga wine.When selecting food, our choice was a starter salad of mushrooms, fresh and plentiful (in September in these area mushrooms are the master !) and a platter of cold cuts and cheeses.
The choice of cold cuts was excellent, same as the two fresh cheese, an other one more seasoned and  a good home-made plum jam to accompany.
Among the main dishes we focused on "primi" and we selected gnocchi gorgonzola and hazelnuts ... something amazing!
The choice of sweets is remarkable. We chose a crepe with Grand Marnier and a creme brulée.

This time, again, we weren't disappointed at all by our choice.

Ristorante Vineria Enoteca Terra Gemella
Via Seminario, 28
Saluzzo (CN)
phone +39 347 6427261

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