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Suggestions for Bora Bora - French Polynesia

Haven't you ever heard somebody saying "I drop everything and flee to Bora Bora"?

Looking at those exotic islands, so famous in the collective imagination, has always been one of Elisa's dream and the honeymoon has given her the opportunity to make it happen. Here's her description of the wonderful trip.

After a plane trip with several stops that takes you to 12-hour time difference from Italy, we ended up to a real paradise on earth: small islands surrounded by crystal clear waters where the white sandy beaches are next to lush vegetation.

In order to enjoy your holiday really on the sea we have chosen the accommodation in an overwater: one of those spectacular rooms on stilts that appear in all the pictures you can find on Polynesia catalogues.The magic experience of opening your eyes in the morning and seeing fishes swimming undisturbed beneath the floor  and the possiblity to fall asleep lulled by the lapping of the waves alone is indeed priceless.I can assure you that it is really worth spending a few Euros more and choose this type of accommodation!

As to the food, the local food is made from simple ingredients but often mixed d together in order to give the tourists elegant and refined dishes that reflect the french influence.Many resorts provide the full board or half board. Given our experience
, I would recommend the half board as for lunch you are often away from the hotel, involved in one of the many organized activities and trips.
On these occasions you can eat freshly caught fish and fresh delicious fruit!

Definitely the best trip ever is the one that has allowed us to see sharks and rays from very near.
At first I was very scared and hesitant but now, remembering that beautiful day in the middle of the sea, I'm really glad I found the courage to do it. 

The tour of the island is another very interesting trip and allows you to discover how the local people live.Small towns are absolutely safe and secure therefore visitors are free to wander alone and interact directly with the local people, buy in small shops and be enchanted by the stories of the local traditions.

For those who are not scared by long flights I can assure that Bora Bora is really a place to go !

Ubicazione: Bora Bora, Polinesia Francese

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