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A good way to visit Rome

If you are planning a trip to Rome and are intending to visit the Vatican and the Colosseum, you should definitely consider to book a guided tour beforehand. The main benefit is that you can skip the queue and also gain some interesting background information from your guide, when visiting the sites, that will further enhance your experience.

Rome is one of those cities that many people, including me, have on their bucket-list. This is why me and my friend decided to book a trip to Rome in March 2014. 
Considering that we would only stay for a limited time, a weekend, we started to investigate the possibility to explore the main tourist attractions with a guided tour. We found a website that offered several tours in Rome and decided to book two tours. One tour to the Vatican including the Vatican museums and another tour visiting the Colosseum and Romana Forum.

Some days before departure to Rome, we received information from Viator regarding timing and meeting point. 
The information was sufficient and it was quite easy to find the location where to meet the guide. Furthermore, there were also representatives throughout the meeting point that directed you towards the correct location. 
At the meeting point, the guide provided you with audio guidance, which were used throughout the tour by the guide to communicate with the group. 
The guide was very knowledgeable and gave us background information that enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the site and its surroundings. 

This was especially valuable when visiting Forum Romana, where the guide had brought pictures of how it might have looked like. 
Looking at the ruins it is quite difficult to picture how it might have looked like. 

Another benefit we found was very valuable with attending the tours, was the fact that you could skip the line. This was especially beneficial when visiting the Vatican and the Vatican museums. 
Even though we were there early morning when the museum opened, the queue to enter was already very long and I suspect you would have easy spent an hour just queuing to enter. And considering that the total cost for the guided tour did not cost much more than the entrance fee, we found it definitely worthwhile to spend some extra money in order to just skip the lines. 
Time is also money and you rather spend your time exploring and experiencing Rome.

Rome is really equally as great as they say and I definitely would like to visit it again!
Ubicazione: Roma, Italia

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