sabato 16 maggio 2015

Cider : passion in Valle d'Aosta

Some time ago I attended a dinner with a group of friends.
At the dinner we had an invited speaker and the theme of the evening talk was the Cider.

I really like cider. Every time I go to France I do not ever miss the Breton galettes and crêpes with a jug of fresh cider. Among the many types, I prefer the sweet one.

What I like most is drinking it in those terracotta cups that are really very typical in those small Breton restaurants.
I could feel romantic, but very often the atmosphere for me is as important as the food.

Returning to the tasting, I must say that the pleasure that I felt during the evening was proportional to the passion of the speaker.

Gianluca has lead us into a reality that, being Italy far more devoted to wine culture than other drinks, is little known and little exalted.
The cider which we talked and then we tasted is produced in Valle d'Aosta.
At the foot of Mont Blanc, in Valle d'Aosta and more specifically in Chamonix valley, apple orchards still produce those old varieties of apples that are necessary to prepare a good cider that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to envy to that of french cousins.

The thing that fascinated me most of all is the passion of Gianluca that told us about the beginning of his adventure: the beginning of the return to the cider production in Valle d'Aosta.

A young man, with an established career in the wine industry, who decides to embark on a challenge and starts a new business, collects all my respect. This made us realize how many important things you can do when the passion, the transport and the dedication are so strong.

Besides learning more about the production of cider, I learned good pairings with food.
The galettes and crepes are definitely the ideal dish.
All tastes sweet, though, match very well and the dishes prepared with pumpkin, with chestnuts and with fresh goat cheese, for example, are a great combination.

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  1. This sure sounds like a good meal. I really had no idea about Cider but this is some well put information.

  2. the only cider I know is my apple cider, which I think every morning to help me digest easily and not to get bloated :)

  3. Lucky he could follow his passion. I never knew so much about cider.
    The last pic of crepe is the winner.

  4. Love trying drinks from around the world. Pear cider is probably my favorite sweet treat!

  5. Love cider. Good alternative for beer. If I don't want beer, cider is always a better option! Good crepes to go along with it nom nom nom!

  6. good to learn something new here about the cider.. thank you for sharing this one this time around, more please!!!

  7. I love learning about food and drink pairings.I do like ciders and drank some delicious ones in London.

  8. Crepes and cider- sounds delicious! I wish the Italians drank cider, my partner would love it but we can never find any!

  9. I love trying dishes with a new drink and I bet you just found the perfect one as you said! It sounds just so good!


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