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Where to sleep in Taormina?

I've been a couple of times to Taormina; it's an amazing town, with lot of nice spots to visit and enjoy, with very good food and with pretty well known lifestyle.
Thinking to Taormina very often we think about actors and actresses, fancy and smart parties or nightlife and, of course, the seaside,
But not everybody know that Taormina village center is actually not directly on the coast, but pearched on an hill instead, with sweeping views towards the sea.
Then you might think: where to sleep in Taormina? Which part is the best? By the sea or in the city center?

I want to tell you about my last experience in this part of Sicily, when I stayed at Il Cantone del Faro, a newly built apartment-hotel in the lower part of Taormina, not far from the train station and overlooking the sea.

If you want to visit Taormina, but also enjoy the sun on the beach and the sound of the sea when you fall asleep at night, here this place is for you.

Il Cantone del Faro lies in a narrow, dead-end street; to get there by car you have to ford a small stream [but if you are walking you can go on a wooden bridge] and it is not that easy to find it.
But I assure you that peace, tranquility and the view will surely reward you .
Even if  it is behind the train station, therefore easy to reach if you re not travelling by car, I can assure you that you won't in any way disturbed by [a few] trains that stop here.

It's newly built  and the furnishings are new and modern.
It has both rooms and small apartments equipped with kitchenettes : it's up to you to decide whether to be more or less independent.

The amazing thing, however, is the terrace of the restaurant where also breakfast is served.
Have you ever watched "Montalbano" TV series? Do you remember his house terrace? Here seemed to me to be right there.

Next to the terrace there is a nice and quiet beach, with sunbeds and umbrellas and entirely reserved for hotel guests.

What about the lapping of the waves that seems a lullaby at night when everything is quiet around?

I stayed in a room that looked out on the balcony and not directly on the sea.
These rooms are definitely a bit less bright, but have large windows with shutters that can be oriented to get more or less light.

What about visiting the area?
A few hundred meters there is a bus stop and about every half hour there is a bus to Taormina center.
If you want to walk along the promenade, however, Giardini Naxos is a 3 minute walk. Here are several bars, cafes and typical restaurants.
For longer trips, you can take the train; the station is about 500 meters from the residence.

Ubicazione: 98039 Taormina ME, Italia

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  1. I was living in Catania last year and desperately wanted to visit Taormina. My guidebook made it look so beautiful and charming! I was worried about prices though, if it was anything like Positano!

  2. Never heard of Taormina, love it how you are making us discover little cities that are not necessarily popular to travelers!

  3. I had not know about Taormina prior to reading this. I prefer to have lots of light in my room when I stay in a hotel. Breakfast on a beautiful terrace sounds lovely!

  4. looks very nice to be in and the fact that it is close to the seas, make it fun... relaxing and having a good view at the wonders of nature is just the perfect combination.

  5. Seems like a nice and homely place. The view from the terrace is lovely. Hope you had a good time here.

  6. The interiors is mild and charming!
    A great place to holiday! Sicily too is in my list but not sure when I will able to tick it off.

  7. Taormina looks like a quaint place to get some great relaxation! Hotels at the end of dead ends streets are the best. Nice and quiet, which is just what the mind and body needs from time to time. I guess that being on the coast they must also have pretty amazing seafood. Any particular favorites or local flavors that can't be had anywhere else?

  8. Hello Dear!

    I haven't been to Taormina but your recommended place looks good and clean. That's important! And waking up near the beach is the most awesome thing :D Oh I miss waking up and greeting the sunrise in the beach :D

  9. Really awesome place. I will go there in next month. I am looking for some private holiday homes and rentals in liguria and Italy.
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    1. Pay attention...Taormina is in Sicily, not in Liguria

  10. Great tips for families looking for a beautiful area in Italy. Your photos of Italy in general, make me want to buy a plane ticket now!
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