mercoledì 14 settembre 2016

Ospite del mese: settembre 2016

This month we are hosting an international "guest of the month" and we are very happy to welcome him on our pages,
Let's  discover who he is and where he comes from... and tomorrow we will read his post.

Questo mese ospitiamo un "Ospite del Mese" internazionale e siamo felici di dargli il benvenuto sulle nostre pagine.
Scopriamo chi è e da dove viene... e domani leggeremo il suo racconto in inglese, che presto verrà tradotto anche in italiano.

Traveler, Blogger and Social Volunteer - the three things that describes me best. I am Tamshuk from India. I fear heights so you will never see me bungee jumping or skydiving but you can find me hiking and climbing mountains somewhere in the world. When I am not trekking across the jungles, getting bitten by snakes or exploring the underwater world, I volunteer in community service programmes and as an English teacher. I travel for the stories that are behind every destinations, cuisines and communities.

I am going to share with you some snippets from my stories and experiences of living with the local communities in Indonesia for three months. 

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