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Be a tourist in Helsinki with the Helsinki Card

Next week end I will discover Helsinki.
I've never been in Finland and can't wait to visit this land of thousand lakes.
This time I will focus to the capital city only, mainly for time reasons.
Since I have few days only I would like to be able to plan visits in the best way possible.

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Looking for information on tourist guides and on internet I found that, as in other large cities, there is a special tourist card.
It's called Helsinki Card and you can find in various "measures" based on how many hours you plan to spend in the city: 24h, 48h, 72h.

Helsinki Card allows you to travel on all public transport in the city for free and without limits, including the ferry to Suomenlinna [the island-fortress, which is located in the archipelago just a short distance from the city] and get a price reduction on the bus to and from the airport.

In addition to getting around the city, the Helsinki Card also allows free entrance to many museums, discounts in some restaurants and shops, a free guided city tour by bus or by boat [if you coose to take a second city tour you will instead get a discount].

Helsinki Card can be purchased at the Tourist Information Office in Pohjoisesplanadi [ city center ], at the Central Station and Vanta Airport [ Airpro Travel Service 24H - Terminal2 , Arrivals Hall 3].
Although you must still go to one of these offices to pick up the actual paper, I suggest  you to buy it online on Strömma website, the agreed tour operator, as it will allow you to save a few euro.

The activation of the card is done manually by writing 
date and time of first use on its back.
Please note: before you get on one of the public transport it is good to have it already activated !

Along with the card you will also receive a useful guide that will provide you the details of which museums you can visit for free, where to stop for a snack or a meal and how to get around the city.
On the guide, always updated , you will also find the opening hours of the various sites of interest: a good way for you to better plan your visit.

That's exactly what I'm aiming to do before starting the visit: a detailed plan to make the most of these three days in the city!
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